How long is the service?

Our service normally lasts a little over an hour long.

What about children?

We love having children in our service! In fact we encourage having little ones in the service. However, if you would like to utilize our nursery, feel free to. Children from pre-school to 2nd grade also have the opportunity to attend children's church during the worship hour (Children are dismissed after the singing portion before the sermon begins). There is also a room located in the rear of the sanctuary for mothers to tend to their infants and still observe the service.

What does the worship hour look like?

Our worship hour is more conservative than many churches, but still warm and friendly. It is helpful to remember that a worship service should be devoted to the adoration of our God and Savior. The Christian worship service is not supposed to be a time when we look to be entertained. The posture of our hearts toward Him, during worship, should be gratitude and praise. God is our audience. The congregation is not the audience. Everyone in worship participates in giving God glory.

It is also helpful to remember that the church services are supposed to be family friendly, and families span over generations. The worship service should be a format that is as comfortable for grand parents as it is for grand children.

After a few short announcements, a call to worship is given which consists of a Scripture reading. A few hymns are sung and then there is a congregational prayer followed by the sermon.

What should I wear?

Men will often be seen wearing clothes as casual as jeans and polos to more formal clothing such as suits. Women normally wear business casual attire. However, feel free to wear comfortable clothing.