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Vision and Mission


Countryside Presbyterian Church is a fellowship of Christians united by the mercy, grace and unbelievable love of the Lord Jesus. We endeavor to live in such a way that Christ is demonstrated to our neighbors in the Johnsonville Community, in Harnett County, North Carolina and throughout the world. Leaning heavily upon His grace, we exist to adore and glorify God in every area of life. We strive to fulfill these purposes by prayerfully depending on the grace of God in the areas of:

 Worship    Community     Teaching    Evangelism      Missions      Acts of Mercy

The beauty of the Gospel story teaches us that the holy, majestic, sovereign creator of the universe stooped down to earth to rescue unworthy sinners. Such gracious and merciful deliverance has been accomplished by Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Therefore, since we receive this gracious gift by faith, it is right that we respond in gratitude and express that in our worship. We strive to honor Christ in our worship by gladly giving Him devotion, acclamation, and reverence that is due Him, and by making our worship services simple, intelligible, broadly participatory, family friendly, informal and edifying for the very sinners that He came to reclaim. We will seek to be a house of prayer. When we gather together, we expect to meet with God through His Word and His Sacraments and by His Spirit who binds us all together.
The very core of the Gospel is the successful fulfillment of the New Covenant by Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  By keeping this Covenant promise, our God has purchased a special people and their children as his prized possession.  By His loving grace and mercy He warmly invites outsiders into that community, calling them all to a deep unity and binding love which corresponds to that of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Our community at Countryside aspires to be similar in character. We will always strive to demonstrate that we and our children belong to Jesus by loving each other as we have been loved, and by renouncing our rights for the sake of one another as He has renounced His for us. The result will be a “one-anothering” community fragrant with the welcoming love of God where close, transparent, healing relationships flourish and unity abounds. This community will be fostered through Sunday Schools, small groups, meals, and through weekly communications via email.
Many people don’t realize an astonishing thing about the Bible. Within its pages the marvelous wonder of God’s glory is displayed most by His mercy and grace.  God has expressed these blessings to an undeserving world through the life of His Son, Jesus Christ.  The Bible also calls all people to become followers of Jesus Christ. Therefore, it is our intention at Countryside to do all we can to share the gospel, disciple and equip faithful believers through the means of preaching, Sunday Schools for all ages, and small groups within our church community.  
Evangelism and Missions
The Gospel presents a God who pursues those who don’t know Him with diligence and intentionality. As a body of those who have been happily captured by Christ, we will always strive to imitate His diligence and intentionality in pursuing those who don’t know Him in our community, in our workplaces, and throughout the world, with the extravagant, heart-melting love, grace, and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. We will be active in sending out workers who can carry the words of God’s good news to the uttermost parts of the earth both in long-term and short-term capacities.
Acts of Mercy   
The Gospel portrays the God of all mercy taking on human flesh to meet the deepest needs of humanity.  This beautiful display of merciful love teaches us the importance of accepting our neighbors where they are. We will always strive to be a picture of his mercy as we seek, like our Lord, to meet the needs of our neighbors as well as those of our own fellowship, whether they be physical, spiritual, emotional or financial.


Our Beliefs




In this modern world in which we live, many of us are alarmed at what seems to be an unstoppable decline in morality and values. There are even some mainstream Christian denominations that are abandoning the beliefs they once held in God and Scripture.


Countryside Presbyterian Church of Cameron, North Carolina was established over twenty years ago on the fundamental truths of Scripture.

We Still Believe: The Lord, our God, is one God, eternal and self existing, Triune in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. His Word, given to us through the prophets and apostles, contained in the Old and New Testaments is Divinely inspired, inerrant and infallible.

We believe that all mankind is born in sin, after the failure of our father, Adam, and is incapable of making any reconciliation with God by personal effort.

We believe that Salvation is acquired only by faith in the grace of God as it is offered to us through the obedient sinless life and atoning Sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

We believe that after His death on the cross, He arose bodily from the grave, and is presently seated at the right hand of God the Father.

We believe that Jesus Christ is King, Head and Ruler of the Church, His Bride, and the Church is the representation of His Kingdom on earth.

Since He is King and Ruler,


We believe that He has authorized, established and ordained a system of government that He expects us to maintain and respect. We do not consider ourselves any better than anyone else. Our place in the Universal Church is signified by the form of church government that we respect.

We believe that: The word "Presbyterian” comes from the New Testament Greek word presbuteros (pres-byoo-ter-os). It simply means "elder” and we believe that the New Testament model for church government is a government of elder rule.

We respect the authority of three offices; two ruling offices (elders) and one office of service (deacons). Ruling offices consist of the teaching elder, or the pastor, and ruling elders, who are elected from the membership and serve as lay ministers within the church.

The Deacon’s office of service has its scriptural authority derived from Acts chapter 6. While it is an office of mercy and service, we still consider it a spiritual service.

This leadership structure is beneficial because its very nature provides higher accountability. There isn’t one person calling all the shots. This also provides places within ministry as sincere disciples learn and grow, they may gain experience in serving there Lord. 

Staff and Officers




Countryside Presbyterian Church

is a congregation of

The Presbyterian Church in America


Our church exists to joyfully bring glory to God by fulfilling the mandate of the Great Commission, which consists of bringing sinners to a saving faith in Jesus Christ, and equipping new converts and believers to live joyfully and faithfully.



Church Staff 

                                        Rev. Dave Kinney    Phyllis Haywood        Audrey Henold 
                                                                        Pastor                          Secretary                     Pianist                    
                                              Nicole Leber       Barbara Caudill            Mike Staley
                                                                           Treasurer                            Custodian                            Audio Technician
Larry Haywood     Tim Brown   Terry Moody
WIC Officers 
 Sharon Staley       Fran Blakeley        
                                                                                          President                            Vice President                                                                                







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